How Yoga Can Handle Menopause Gracefully

How Yoga Can Handle Menopause Gracefully? Proven 5 Yoga Tips

A global quest for the most searched dose of relief is unquestionably Yoga. Most of the women have agreed to the fact that Yoga, helps in reinstatement and supportive stances and has helped handle the important menopause phase.

Some believe that Yoga, including restorative and supportive poses, can ameliorate the undesirable side effects of menopause, including hot flashes and more.

Before we understand how Yoga benefits menopause, we must understand what is Menopause? “Menopause” in itself is the period when women stop mensuration, this might take a stretched time and even years, yet this phase is called perimenopause. Most of the Women ranging between the ages of 45-55 experience perimenopause. During this time, they go through fluctuation of estrogenic and progesterone, that at times these trigger some uncomfortable symptoms such as hot flashes, irritation, fatigue, loss of appetite, mood swings, and severe symptoms such as loss of memory temporarily, joint pain, physical discomfort, blood pressure and stretched mensuration as well.

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There isn’t a specific symptom of menopause as it varies both in severity and duration. All of the symptoms depends on the declining level of estrogenic and other ancillary hormones in the body-this primarily signals the start of perimenopause followed by menopause.
Now when we mention “yoga’ whilst discussing menopause, researches has shown and proven that regular practicing of yoga has provided relief from several menopause symptoms.

Let’s discuss the top 5 Yoga Tips

Yoga Tip #1 – Regular practice of yoga helps calm the mind and reduces the discomfort which is commonly associated with the onset of menopause. I practice Yoga for the last 12 years and can assure, it is the most natural remedy.

Yoga Tip # 2– While we all know what pranayama is? Most of us might not be aware that ‘pranayama’ helps lessen anxiety and the mental state. What is most striking is the fact that it improves sleep quality that women undergoing menopause usually suffers from.

Yoga Tip #3 -Consistent practicing can also help women better manage and support overall mood. The sav-asana or the corpse pose is a terrific way to minimize stress levels and regularise blood circulation.

Yoga Tip #4 – If fatigue and hot flashes are troubling you during your perimenopause – Yoga is the best remedy, it is the most effective way to slow down your body, make you relieve your fatigue keeping you fresh and energized. Doing various lotus pose are advised to combat hot flashes. Try including Ardha Baddha Padma where you are seated half-bound in lotus form or the reclines Lotus asana –they are considered to release fire – energy and calm down your body and mind.

Yoga Tip #5 – Sun Salutation – Those women who practice Yoga especially Surya pranam tends to show a developed tolerance for pain and aches, they benefit from utilizing natural option just by practicing 6-8 rounds of Surya namaskar [sun salutations].

The hormonal differences that are linked with menopause may lead to most of the difficulties mentioned above, however, Yoga is a great method of countering these. Try to practice Yoga religiously at least a minimum of three days per week. The duration can be anything between 45 minutes -90 minutes. To maximize results across the board, paid yoga with other therapies especially meditation. Together they improve the ability to focus and offer clarity of thought.

Which are the best yoga that will suit you during menopause is a question most asked, if you are not sure –it is advised to ask your instructor and healthcare advisor.
It is proven that most of the yoga-asanas offer some benefit or the other – why not explore some…

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