The presumptive signs of pregnancy can be different for different people. While some people may not experience as many, others go through the entire spectrum of signs.

But one thing is certain, pregnancy is a big deal for everyone, especially the mother since it takes quite a toll on her body. The body starts showing signs of pregnancy soon too before one even knows they’re pregnant.

The first signs the body shows are called presumptive signs and we have mentioned the most common presumptive signs of pregnancy for you down below.

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Presumptive Signs of PregnancyWhat are Presumptive Signs of Pregnancy?

These are the initial signs that suggest the possibility of being pregnant. However, they are not valid enough to confirm anything and they can start as early as a few days after conception.

If you start seeing these signs, it would be a good time to get a proper test or consultation from your doctor to confirm the result.

Common Presumptive Signs of Pregnancy

1- Late period

Our period is the monthly confirmation of not being pregnant. The most obvious presumptive sign of pregnancy is a missed period. Before the start of every period, your uterine wall becomes thick and nutritious to provide a welcoming environment for the egg.

If you get your period then it means that you’re not pregnant as the wall has been shed.

However, a missed of the late period could be due to other factors such as stress, irregular cycles and weight changes. Having complete knowledge of your cycle is imperative to know if you could be pregnant or not.

2- Fatigue

When you PMS your progesterone levels increase by leaps and bounds and that can make you feel extremely sleepy and tired. This progesterone level usually settles when your period starts but not if you’re pregnant.

At this time your body produces more blood to carry nutrients to the fetus which is why your blood sugar levels and blood pressure are low. Your body is producing more blood to carry nutrients to the embryo, and your blood pressure and blood sugar are probably also lower.

Fatigue also makes one feel lightheaded. This feeling could also be due to a number of reasons such as flu, cold, exhaustion or sleeplessness. But if you find yourself dozing off at the oddest times then this could definitely be a presumptive sign of pregnancy.

3- Sensitive Breasts

Breast tenderness can be a sign of PMS as well. Although the milk ducts are being prepared for future lactation since the very beginning. So, they stretch and grow as well which can be a cause for the sensitivity and soreness.

Many women also experience sensitive nipples due to the increase in estrogen and progesterone. During the initial stage of pregnancy, your breasts start to gain more fat and the milk ducts expand as well. This can increase sensitivity as well.

Your nipples also become darker and this occurs again in the initial weeks of pregnancy. This could be a presumptive sign too. Nipple sensitivity is extremely common and it could very intense as well.

Presumptive Signs of Pregnancy4- Frequent urination

When a woman gets pregnant, her uterus increases in size to make space for the baby. This puts pressure on the bladder and makes the person go to the washroom again and again.

This keeps happening throughout the entire duration of the pregnancy. However, this frequent urination could also be caused by kidney stones, UTI or some STDs. You should check all the symptoms first to make sure that you’re pregnant and not just sick.

5- Aversion to Different Food Items

At the start of pregnancy, your hormones are all over the place and are just trying to settle quickly. There is an increase in the HCG hormone which maintains the lining of the endometrium to support the baby. This can cause aversion to your favorite food items as well.

So, if you suddenly feel an aversion to your most liked chocolate or don’t appreciate the aroma of freshly brewed coffee like before then you might be pregnant.

6- Upset Stomach and Nausea

Morning sickness has no specific time and can occur at any time in the day. It usually starts a month after conception. However, there are a few lucky ones who never experience nausea while others feel nauseous at all times.

There is also a possibility that you have caught some stomach virus or food poisoning which is making you vomit. But, the absence of morning sickness doesn’t mean that you aren’t pregnant.

An increase in estrogen and cortisol can make you feel sick throughout the entire day. Although the rapid rise in the HCG levels can be the major reason behind your sickness. Once the placenta gets attached to the fetus, it starts getting its nourishment from there and the HCG levels lower in the body. Once this happens, constant nausea stops.

Presumptive Signs of Pregnancy7- Cramping

This is a tricky symptom, as it could also mean that you’re about to get your period. Some women go through minor cramping in the initial weeks or months of conception.

This can be caused by a number of factors such as the uterus expanding due to implantation or the increase in progesterone levels.

8- Constipation

The progesterone hormone is responsible for the slowing down of the movement of the bowels. This can be a serious issue for pregnant women as their body keeps on producing this hormone.

Taking any preconception iron-containing vitamins could also aggravate this situation. Whatever the reason is, you should definitely increase your daily water intake to combat the situation.

9- Change in Taste

There are some women who have complained about their taste alteration at the start of the pregnancy. Many women report their tastes altering from very early on during pregnancy. Some have experienced having a metal-like taste in their mouth.

Others have complained of having an increased saliva production in their mouths and that it increases. Most pregnant have also reported having bleeding gums while brushing their teeth.

10- Feeling Dizzy

It is very common to feel dizzy during the early stage of pregnancy. Pregnant women can also experience dizziness due to intense morning sickness. Sometimes you might not be feeling nauseous but the slight dizziness or headaches could give away the sign of pregnancy.

This is also possible due to the elevated supply of blood and different changes in the blood circulatory system. It could also be a result of low blood sugar levels.

However, this situation can be remedied. You can eat small and regular meals and wear loose fitted clothes that are less restrictive. If you’re prone to feeling faint and dizzy spells then do seek medical attention.

11- Mood swings

Mood swings are notorious for being associated with all things related to our reproductive system. Whether it is your period or pregnancy, the constant hormonal changes definitely play a role in the different mood alterations.

Many women go through mood swings in the initial stages of their pregnancy. Of course, most of these symptoms are normal for many women. But if you feel as if you have lately been on an emotional roller coaster then it would be smart to get your tests done.

Final Verdict

Pregnancy is no easy task and your body definitely takes a toll on you but if you see some of these presumptive signs of pregnancy, then do get yourself tested asap. And no matter how much you go through during these nine months, the result would always be worth it.


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