Nowadays, many of us are looking for a lot of ways to make ourselves look smart. There are many ways to do it but we will talk about how to do it with watermelon. Watermelon is a sweet, delicious fruit full of nutrients. It is high in Vitamin A and Vitamin C. This fruit is low in calories so it is perfect for people who are on a diet. The watermelon diet makes themselves an optimum snack to be consumed between meals. Being, sweet and full of water this fruit will fill you up quickly and reduce your sugar cravings.

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What is the watermelon diet?

When it comes to fruit there is saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away and that is true but we should not forget other fruits too. As we are talking about watermelon, we will tell you what does watermelon does if they are taken as a strict diet. Enriched with fiber and water, the watermelon diet will detoxify your body. It will remove impurities and toxins from your body. Before we proceed to the diet plan it is recommended to follow the 1:10 proportion plan. It means that if your body weight is 70 kg you should eat 7 kg of watermelon during the diet. It is also advised to not do any extreme workout as your body organs are already working out during this time.

the-complete-water-melon-diet The watermelon diet plan

This plan can be divided into two terms: the long term and a short term. First, we will talk about the long term plan. The long term plan is further divided into two stages: For the first three days, you should only consume watermelon. If you have perfect body health, you won’t have any negative impact but if you feel any health issue consult a doctor. For the second stage of the long-term plan, you can add different food with watermelon but you should stick to have watermelon at night.

Now we will move towards the short-term plan, the short term plan will last for five days. During the process of five days, you can have the normal breakfast of your daily routine including watermelon. During lunch, you can have chicken (boiled) and watermelon as your sweet dish. For dinner, you can go for boiled rice, fish or seasonal vegetables and don’t forget to include the watermelon.

Most people follow the short term plan and as a beginner, you are also recommended to follow the short term plan as it may reduce the chances of having any negative impact on your health. After five days, many people continue back to follow their normal diet. You can also go back to your daily routine but you can still go for a watermelon as a snack in between meals. The watermelon diet attracts lots of people as it is for a short period of time and this diet can be followed easily.

water-melon-diet-planDoes this diet work?

These types of diet plans are considered a crash diet. Being low in calories and limiting your choices of food will affect your metabolism. Crash diets fasten your weight loss and your lower blood pressure. Study shows that these type of crash diets usually don’t work as a long term commitment. As most people follow the short term plan of this diet, they will get back to their daily routine, once the time period is over. Falling back into old habits will automatically increase the chances of gaining weight. However, if you are healthy and following a strict diet plan, getting into a watermelon diet for a few days won’t do you any harm. You can add this diet for more food & recipes as well.

Benefits of watermelon diet

Being low in calorie 100 grams of watermelon only contains 6 grams of sugar. So if you are having a craving for a piece of the pie, cake or chocolate you can go for watermelon instead. Watermelons are full of water, so they keep you hydrated during summer. An important part of any weight loss program includes working out, watermelon can help in this case by healing the soreness of the body muscles. Being enriched with potassium watermelon will help remove toxins from kidneys. Watermelon contains lycopene. Lycopene gives fruits and vegetables their red color. It is a great antioxidant that protects and repairs the body from different diseases. Watermelon also contains beta-carotene, it keeps a human young and active. It also helps our eyes from blindness.

watermelon dietSide effects of watermelon diet

In general eating, watermelon does not have any side effects but if we consider a watermelon diet it has it’s own side effects. Eating too much watermelon can have side effects on your digestive system such as bloating or diarrhea. High in potassium, it might have a negative impact on your heart and can cause cardio problems. Watermelon has a glycemic index of 72 so it automatically becomes an enemy of a diabetic person. People suffering from low blood pressure should avoid considering the watermelon diet as it may lead to further problems. Following a watermelon diet can also cause certain allergic reactions and rashes.

Who should avoid a watermelon diet?

As watermelons do not have any protein in them, it is not recommended to children and pregnant women. It is also advised to not follow this diet plan if you need to take a special diet plan on a daily basis such as for a diabetic person. A person having a low immune system should also avoid following a watermelon diet.

With that being said we have made you aware of many positive and negative impacts of following the watermelon diet. Since every individual is different from one another it is advised to seek some guidance from a physician or doctor before following this diet.


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